None! I mean, nobody sponsors us, nobody give us a dime....but you never know, maybe someone important will se this page, likes it and decide to give us something for free, it doesn´t really matter what... A shirt, better said a maillot, gloves or even a bike (well, at least we have to try it! and while we are here....might it be with carbon frame?). In any case, any gift is more than welcome. Anyway, here is a short list of our tools and materials...

Onlisne shops and info

3XTR   Bicicletas
Mountain Bike
  Segundamano MTB

Technical material

Merida Bikes Biciletas Moondraker bTwin RockRider
Merida Bikes Bicicletas Moondraker bTwin Rockrider
Camelback Logo Decathlon Ciclos Arnelas
Camelback Decathlon Ciclos Arnelas

Development tools

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Es Ciclismo

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