Fernando the brown beast Fernando "The brown beast"                

Which route do we do today?
At that moment, two little eyes light up and a voice is heard saying ...

- Come on chickens I'll show you an easy track I always do by bike ..... Everybody freaking out on the spot!!

When David launches teh call via whatsapp ..... we all wait for Fernando's response .... is he coming? well then unfortunately we all a plan already made Fernando is like Robocop ... Arm injured and still he is on his pedals .... hand injured and still he is on his pedals ...

 129 km
Pedal David the usurper David the usurper

Last one to join the group, he never overtook anybody begging for mercy and always complaining; For a short while we also thought about forcing him out of the group ...

But we are friends ... and this is the result; Calling us chickens if we cannot join a ride, deciding departure time and killing us with whatsapp...                             He even humiliatied Pancho and relevied him as the official guide...unforgivable!!

 1027 km 70 km

Jose hit-it man Jose "hit-it" man

That's it, It doesn´t really matter how steep is the route, doesn´t matter if it's cold or hot like in hell, it doesn´t even matter how much mud there is on the ground, Jose always says: "hit it!" and always try to make the route "a tiny bit harder".

Some day we will find out where his limit is, so far it has not been possible. Until today the only thing that has made him a little bit weaker has been a good night out, some nice drinks and the consequent hangover.

 830 km
Cranckset Migelontxu the man from Navarra Miguelontxu the man from Navarra

New man! Since when he parked his old "german tank" Miguelontxu is a new rider. He even won the stupid contest to see who was able to climb a steep and rocky path

Anyway, his new nickname says it all, like Induraín during his best years, Miguel always rides first and when the path climbs....he stands up on his pedals....olé!

 1611 km

Nikolas the life-guard Nikolas the life-guard

Directly from Rumania and from the world of professional cycling. Probably due to that as soon as we start he's like a bullet. It takes a while but then he remembers that about 15 years has gone by since he was racing and he calms down, breath deeply and start enjoying the path, the nature and the "toros bravos" that he really loves...

Meanwhile the rest of the group is catching up. Nikolas is the last member of the group and the one with the tidiest, cleanest od more professional outfit...let's see if we can make him meet some dirty mud.

 406 km
Bottle Pancho the guide Pancho the guide

Not spiritual guide, no. The achieve that he still needs to grow his hairs in rsta style and grow a white beard. Still he perfectly knows every road, path, river, lake and every rock. Pancho is the one in charge of preparing the route of the day....which means that 30 seconds before leaving he starts to think where to go

When we ride on roads he loves to ride forbiden roads. Nobody knows why.

 2140 km

Simone seafood eater Simone seafood eater

So, here is the theory: Eat seafood before riding your bike and everything will be easier. Looks like it is working, although doubts arise over the reliability of this theory, some says that pasta, rather than seafood, would be better...

+One thing for sure, no matter what is the reason or excuse filling up your stomach with seafood always helps....if not

The one that always carry the GPS device....   follow me Strava

 2908 km 1337 km 28 km
Helmet Carlos Multisport Carlos Multisport

Basketball, hiking, mountin climbing and running.... It is not so clear where can Carlos find time to ride on his bike.

But he is "multisport", like his own website says (Rincon Multideportivo) so...he finds the time.

Carlos has joined the group recomended by our own guide who introduced him with the following words: "He is tall....brown eyes and he is really cool" HOw could we possibly let go a member like this?

 222 km

Jose Luis José like José Luis

His name is Jose (Jose Luis, not Jose Angel) and he is as strong as a bull. Well this "bull" thing is more due to his last name (bull in spanish) that for his physical shape. A pity that he had not joined the group when we made the "toro, torito bravo" route.

Back from Britain a short while ago, similar to Curro he does not live in Colmenar. Still he jumps on a train and here he comes. As he says he has been well trained during years with his "english early morning wakes-up".

 73 km
Derailleur Carlos H Carlos H

He does not live in Colmenar either, but.....load his bike on his car and he joins us.

Doesn´t really matter if it is cold or hot, Carlos always ride with shorts and, obviously being a member introduced by Jose "hit it" man he always dress in black. Is it a specific request, a basci requirement from Jose?

 273 km

Carlos el Iguana Carlos the Iguana

If there is something that nobody would dare to dispute is that Carlos, the last one among our Carlos, is the winner of the best cycling shirt competition.... The Iguan is undoubtely a huge success, a fashion trend

More important than that is that Carlos is one of those riders that never compains; Always repeating his favourite sentence: "sh**t, you're increbibly fit" and still he is keeping the pace. In other words he is another potential "hit it" man.

 416 km
Brake Joaquin Orange Man Joaquin Orange Man

Born in Galicia and adopted by Colmenar Viejo Joaquin has joined with the strong determination of recovering his phisical shape.

Ther are rumors that is speciality is to prepare the "pulpo a la gallega" (Octopus at the galician style) so let's see if some day we will be able to convince him to cook for all of us

 132 km

Arturo Arturo the security chief

His objective is clear: loose weight....meanwhile he rides faster than the speed of light Why loosing weight? Wanna leave everybody else behind?.....lately Arturo is the one the train the most and that is clear and evident everytime we make a new route.

The security chief loves to suffer, he loves hard routes and loves steeps climbs...still, if we can end up the route with a good breakfast than you can be sure that Arturo will be totally up for it. That's the spirit man!

 1935 km 70 km
Pedal Alfonso Alfonso talking man

Alfonso is among the last who joined the group yet since the beginning he has a clear idea: he needs a new bike...when is he going to change it? well, that's a different story....everybody believe thathe is going "to wait a bit more and then he will decide". Honestly we all hope that he will never change his bike because it might be heavy, it might be old, but with his barbie-pink color is the only thing keeping the group together in foggy days

Besides his bike what best describe Alfonso is that he is the only human being capable of realizing any sport activity while talking, continuosly talking. It doesn´t really matter if is biking, running or rollerblading ...there is always something to talk about; It doesn´t matter if we are climbing, he will only talk slower. We all remember a scary day when he suddenly stopped talking...we all thought that we had killed him due to a too intensive training.

 553 km 41 km

Andres Half Maraton Andrés Half Maraton

The thing about Andres is that he really trains....a lot.....and you can notice it....and it's fuc**ng us Why? because we get to a steep climb and....bye bye Andres. So this is priority number one for the group: We have to stop Andres.

Beside that Andres is a radio amateur, which can be useful in case someday we get lost...if we bring a radio with us there will be thousands of andres friends who will come to rescue us...

 232 km

The Tech team

Javi little grandpa Javi little grandpa

Javi is not much of a bike rider, he is more up to rock climbing...he loves mountain climbing. Still he is one of the most important member of the group, the only member of the technical team actually.

His duty and his passion....metereology. His weather forecast allow us to plan our routes, prepare our clothes knowing if it will rain, will be hot and dry or if there will be fog. So, forget about the weather page....if you need trustable weather forecast and info you know.... contact Javi little grandpa.